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Fendt 716 Vario TMS Tractor

Picture Fendt 716 Vario TMS

Fendt 716 Vario TMS Tractor

QF No.: 5037713
Condition New machine
HP (kW) 160 HP (118 kW)
Operating hours / hectare 9115
Year of manuf. 2008

Additional details
Vendor commercial
Machine type Tractor
Manufacturer Fendt
Model 716 Vario TMS
Available from immediately
Drive Four-wheel drive
Tractor linkage draw bar
Hitch Automatic
Work searchlight
On-board computer
Compressed air brake system
electronic lifting gear control
Speed 50 km/h
Air cushioned seat
Platform Driver's cab
Tyre equipment rear 650/65R38
Tyre equipment rear % 40 %
Tyre equipment front 540/65R30
Tyre equipment front % 40 %
Control device double 3
Control device single 3
Power take-off shaft 540/750/1000
Cab suspension mechanic
Ball coupling Fixed
Additional control unit Electrical
Load sensing
Power beyond
Front working lights Halogen
Gear infinitely variable
Hydraulic trailer brake
Number of cylinders 6
Front linkage
Rear working lights Halogen
Vario Transmission, 50kph, TMS, Comfort Front Linkage, 3 Spool Valves, 2 Owners, Very Well Maintained