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Massey Ferguson 7726 EXD6 Tractor

Picture Massey Ferguson 7726 EXD6

Massey Ferguson 7726 EXD6 Tractor

QF No.: 5397943  / Internal No.: T2019399
Condition Second-hand machine
HP (kW) 255 HP (188 kW)
Operating hours / hectare 3995
Year of manuf. 2016

Additional details
Vendor commercial
Machine type Tractor
Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Model 7726 EXD6
Available from immediately
Massey Ferguson 7726 Exclusive Dyna-6 4WD Tractor
Year 2016
Dyna-6 50kph transmission
Air Brakes
Front suspension
Cab suspension
Front linakage
Front PTO
Exclusive Specification
Guidance ready
Bal of MF Manufacturers Warranty until max 5000 or 19/04/2019
540/65R30 (30%)
650/65R42 (30%)