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Massey Ferguson Sonstiges Tractor

Picture Massey Ferguson Sonstiges

Massey Ferguson Sonstiges Tractor

QF No.: 5427894
Condition Second-hand machine

Additional details
Vendor commercial
Machine type Tractor
Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Model Other
Massey Ferguson 7718 Dyna 6 Tractor

Year of Manufacture: 2017
Premium Machine
2017 Demonstration tractor
Efficient spec
Dyna 6
Power assisted brake & high pressure valve
Suspended front axle
Dyna 6/Quadlink Autodrive 50k
Hydraulic power beyond P/T/LS couplers
Pneumatic and Hydraulic trailer brakes
Less FL Accum + Hyd Cplrs
3200kg front linkage - D/A
Less rear frame/backbone
3.2t front linkage & 1 set front coupler
Wide pivoting front fenders
Trelleborg Rear Tyres
540/65R28 Front Tyres - W15 W
650/65R38 W Rear Tyres - W18
540/65R28 W & 650/65R38 WF
Super luxe Air Grammer Seat
Standard Roof with Hatch
Active Mechanical Cab Suspension
Adjustable Steering Column & Speedsteer
Data 4 + Video, Isobus & Guidance ready
Data + video Iso & Guidance ready & Speedsteer
2 Roof Mounted Beacons
Roadlights + 2 single bulb worklights on handrails plus 2 on rear fenders
Due in stock February 2017
Delivered to Cirencester branch
A6H-0001-GB-13 (0rder) 11322300
Library picture
Stock Number:
Bruce Miller - 07551 922276